Marissa McCallin,
Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

by Marissa McCallin

Now It’s Your Turn To Feel Better…

You already know massage can relieve stress and soothe those tired aching muscles…

but it also helps to –

  • improve your posture
  • increase your circulation
  • lower your blood pressure
  • relax your muscles
  • improve your flexibility and range of motion
  • help you breathe easier and deeper
  • relieve headaches
  • strengthen your immune system
  • and even manage chronic pain from arthritis, migraines or fibromyalgia

Taking care of your body should be one of your highest priorities.

Massage lowers cortisol levels in the body. This allows you to enter a relaxing ‘rest-and-recovery’ modeĀ­: and it lingers long after the massage is over. In fact, massage triggers a host of brain chemistry responses that can result in lasting feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.

You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll simply be healthier far into the future once you make massage a regular part of your health regime.

Massage can reduce pain, increase energy levels and improve overall physical and mental performance.

Call today for more information, or to schedule your relaxing, rejuvenating massage or Reiki session.

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